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Photo Session Tips

Photo Sessions:

Thank you for choosing Amy Blackburn Photography to capture moments of your family's life. The following information will help you prepare for the photo session and give you an idea of what to expect as we partner to capture your timeless image.

I will use both ambient and studio lighting at your home. The photo session will move from a studio lighting set-up to rooms with natural light or even outside as we follow the ambient light in and around the house. The lighting requires a set up and therefore I will arrive approximately 20 minutes early when photographing in your home. I find that, for clients who have not been previously photographed, the experience can have a level of anxiety and excitement at the same time. Therefore, the first few moments are spent ,"warming up" to each other and having conversation about anything pertaining to the session or conversation that feels natural. I encourage my clients to speak openly about ideas regarding themselves and general feelings pertaining to being photographed.

Please have snacks and a drink available to maintain your energy during our session. Also, do not plan to run errands close to or following our photo session, instead, be rested and relaxed prior to the session.

After the photography session, approximately 20 - 40 images are selected and a web gallery is created to view the images privately on the home computer. A link to the web gallery is sent through email once the gallery is ready for review.

Please click on Pregnancy, Children, or Family Tips for information specific to the photo session.

"We loved the experience at her studio. It felt so natural and comfortable with Amy taking the photos. We LOVE the pictures. Thank you, so much, for this amazing opportunity." - Staci and Matt


All photographs are copyrighted. It is illegal to save, reproduce or distribute these images in any way.  For permission to use imagery, please contact Amy.