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About Amy

I specialize in creating images of people - specifically portraits of new families. I use a digital camera with ambient lighting and complementary studio lighting to achieve my art.

My interest in photographing families evolved from my recall of childhood memories. Even as a teenager, I realized that without journals, newspaper clippings or pictures, memories fade or vanish. When I was six years old, my father created a portrait of himself with me and my brother eating fudge-sicles on the back porch. My mother has that image in a frame. Without that documented image of a simple fleeting moment, the time my brother and I spent that late afternoon on the porch with my father would have disappeared from my memory. Instead, the image allows vivid recall of that ephemeral moment- a moment that is endearing to me now.

Having worked as a nurse for 17 years, I consider myself a seasoned "people person." I have shared many life events - from joyous occasions to difficult circumstances - with many different people. Those emotionally charged experiences as a nurse have deepened my sensitivity of people and relationships thus creating a natural canvas for those being photographed to simply be themselves. As a photographer, I intuitively use angles and lighting to draw depth and emotion out of an unscripted moment which not only becomes an heirloom portraiture of your family's life, but a visual illustration of the close bond and deep affection among each of you.

As a portrait artist, I compose images by naturally incorporating a father's chest to serve as a backdrop for a newborn portrait or, I use an expectant mother's wisp of hair to accent her rounded belly. My photo sessions are interactive, relying on the familiarity of a mother's voice or a father's touch to photograph impulsive responses. Intimacy and tenderness are underlying themes in my work. My photography approach combined with my sensitivity toward people creates a comfortable, memorable experience for any occasion.

A self taught photographer, I supplement my photography knowledge by attending workshops taught by nationally recognized artists such as Joyce Tenneson, Eddie Soloway, Ken Rosenthal, Kate Breakey, Sam Abell and Mary Virginia Swanson. I am a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and remain abreast of the latest technologies in digital photography, color management and printing software available to professional photographers. I welcome commissioned projects to customize photographic art from standard sizes to life-sized images. My photographic art is created on location or my studio in Tucson, Arizona. I am available for out of state or country travel to meet the photographic needs of my clients.

"Amy is equipped with radar in knowing how people feel." - Cynthia

"Amy's work is unlike any other I've seen. She has an unique ability to capture the the warmth of a person." - Karolyn


All photographs are copyrighted. It is illegal to save, reproduce or distribute these images in any way.  For permission to use imagery, please contact Amy.